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We have found that going into your browser settings and changing how PDF documents load can fix a majority of the problems.  Here is a screenshot of FireFox v.26  Under Tools, Options choose "Applications".  Go find anything to do with Adobe Acrobat and Portable Document Format (PDF) in the list and change the action to "Use Adobe Reader (default)"

Each browser will have a similar area like below for you to make these changes. Click here to learn about your browser settings.


Contactless Payments - New (4/2020)

1NB is excited to announce the ability to use your debit card on your smartphone or smartwatch without physically having to swipe your card.  Some terminals may still require a pin, the store controls that option.  You will need to already have or get a physical card before the contactless card option is available for you.   Also your physical card will still work as backup if the card reader is malfunctioning for contactless or is not offered as an option. 

Mobile Banking

Search for 1NB in ITunes  or the Google store  to get the 1NB app.   Get your account information at your fingertips.  Log on to mobile banking, using your on-line banking User ID and password, through your cell phone and check balances, transfer funds and more.  It is easy to manage your finances on the go when you take advantage of First National Bank and Trust Company of Ardmore’s mobile banking. 

  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • TOUCH ID For Apple devices ; Android coming soon
  • Check the available balance in your accounts
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • View recent transactions

If you don't have an Apple device or Android to download our app then you can use our mobile browser app by going to http://mobile.1nb.com on your cell phone’s web browser.  Remember to add this to your favorites for future use.

*You will be charged internet access rates depending on your carrier.  Web access is needed to use mobile banking.  Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges. 

Mobile Check Deposit

Revised 3/25/2020
Default daily limit of $2,000 deposit, 30-day limit of $4,000 and limited to 10 deposits in 30-day period.  Other options may be available by calling 1NB directly; ask for the Digital Banking Department.
Deposits Submitted after 4:00 PM will post the next business day.




*    A third-party check.
*    An item drawn on your personal account at 1NB.
*    An altered item.
*    A “substitute check,” as defined in Regulation CC.           
*    An item drawn on a financial institution in a foreign country.
*    A “remotely created check.”
*    A “stale dated,” "expired", or “postdated” item.
*    A “non-negotiable” item.
*    An item that has previously returned for any reason.
*    An item that is incomplete.
*    Tax Refund Checks.
*    Checks Payable to Cash.
*    Lottery or Sweepstakes Checks

*You will be charged internet access rates depending on your carrier.  Web access is needed to use mobile banking.  Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges. 

24x7 support number (855-532-4888)

Call to answer many of your Online Banking questions.  For TELEBANK related problems please contact 1NB directly. 

  1.  When to Call the 24x7 # 855-532-4888
    1.Password or User ID not working (must have loged into system successfully at lease once in the past)
    2.Nothing displays when logged in
    3.You forgot your security questions
    4.Functionality on the online banking site not working correctly, ie…. Transfers, Billpayment, etc.
  2. When to call 1NB:
    1. Telebank not working correctly for you.
    2.You see a transaction that’s not correct
    3.An account is not listed you think should be
    4.Any other detail of your account that is not online banking related but will require a 1NB employee to research.

Training & More Info:

  • To see an Adobe Flash demo and a functional “test” site of what the new online banking experience click here
  • Contact Client Services at any location for additional information. 
  • "Forgot Password" will unlock and reset a forgotten password for your account should the need arise. 

Online Banking

Online Banking from First National Bank and Trust Company of Ardmore gives you fast, simple and convenient control over your money.  Online banking is free and includes:

  • Real-time Balances – View your personal account and loan balances
  • Account History – View checking and savings account history
  • Check Image – View the front and back of cleared checks
  • Transfer Funds – Set up scheduled or repeating transfers between accounts
  • Secure Messaging – Send and receive secure communications from the bank
  • Download History – Download account history

Bill Payment

After enrolling in on-line banking, you will have the option to add the bill pay feature which allows you to pay recurring, occasional, and one-time bills from your computer 24 hours a day. 

  • Faster Payment – some payees will receive payment days earlier.
  • Easy Navigation – your information is organized.
  • Convenient Payment History – view your pending transactions or payment history with just the click of a button.


An e-statement is the same thing as a paper statement except it is available on-line.  When the statement is ready, an e-mail is sent notifying you that your e-statement is available.

e-statement delivery allows you to receive your account information quickly and securely.  Your statements are available on-line for 18 months.  However, you can save your statements on your computer for long-time access.  This convenient delivery method expedites statement delivery, eliminates the hassle of storing any paper statements, and provides you with a convenient, secure storage system.  It also helps the environment by reducing paper usage.  (Go green!) No additional fees apply.

To enroll in e-statements follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your on-line banking account.
  2. Click on the “Statements” tab to see your e-statements.
    (If you do not see all of your accounts, go back to on-line banking and verify any accounts that are not listed. If all your accounts are not listed, click the “Users Services” tab and click the link “Add New on-line Account”. The bank will receive your request, verify the information is correct, and activate the account for on-line access which allows you to view the e-statement. This usually takes no more than 24 hours for the bank to process.)
  3. Read and accept any disclosures where prompted, especially if this is the first time you have clicked the “Statements” tab.
  4. Click and verify that each account opens a PDF e-statement for the account. If you do not see an account listed for e-delivery in the “Statements” tab, go back and complete step #2, or feel free to call us.

E-statement Only (CPA, Bookkeepers, etc)

Click here for E-statement access only for accountants, bookkeepers, etc.  This link and login does not have access to online banking features.

Enroll Now

Click here if you have an account with us and would like to sign up for Online Banking.

E-statement Help

If you have trouble loading e-statements with Adobe PDF click here for additional help.