First National Bank and Trust Co. of Ardmore offers a variety of lending choices and takes pride in finding the loan that is best for you. Whether you wish to build a new home, purchase an existing property, or refinance your present home or rental property, we will welcome your call or visit.

We can also help you apply for secondary market loans. These types of loans (i.e., conventional, VA, Rural Economic Community Development, and Specialized loans for teachers, firefighters, law enforcement officials, and healthcare workers) can be for primary residences, second homes, or investment property. Typically, these loans offer you the lowest fixed interest rate for the longest period of time and the smallest down payment or required equity position.

Call our knowledgeable mortgage lending staff today at 580-221-1150 to schedule an appointment OR simply complete the contact information and one of our loan specialists will call you as soon as possible.

Some of the following information may or may not be requested. If you would like to speed up the application process, however, it could be helpful for you to complete and bring us the following:

  • Application & Forms (Completed and signed). If you make a mistake while filling out the application, cross it out and make a change. Do NOT use white out.
  • If you are salaried, provide two years of W-2's and one month month of paystubs.
  • If you are self-employed, provide two years of tax returns and a YTD P&L statement.
  • If you own rental property, provide rental agreements and two years tax returns.
  • Other occasionally requested items include the following: three months bank statements for each bank, stock, and mutual account, your IRA/401K statements of account, letter of explanation on loan proceeds, divorce decree, and proof of citizenship or permanent resident alien status.

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