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Our bank began as a private bank owned in 1889 by J.F. Anderson and his son, Charles, just two years after the City of Ardmore was founded. Within a year a national charter was granted, and on August 13, 1890, the bank began operating under the name of The First National Bank of Ardmore. The original J.F. Anderson and Son Bank held the honor of being the first nationally chartered bank established in Indian Territory. 

It is assumed the charter to change J.F. Anderson and Son Bank to The First National Bank & Trust of Ardmore was granted about the same time the bank moved into its first permanent quarters. The two-story structure, the first brick building in Ardmore, was located on the Northeast corner of Caddo and Main streets between the Post Office and the Apollos Funeral Parlor. 

In 1894, cotton had become king, with farmers reporting more than two bales to one acre. Abundant grain crops, so thick there was hardly room for shocks at harvest time, pushed out cattle as the number two agricultural money maker. 

In 1895, the fast growing town, with its uneven and unpainted sidewalks and hurriedly built stores and homes, suffered the first of two disasters. In the early morning hours of April 19, 1895, a fire destroyed eighty-two buildings, including many residences. The fire erupted in Harper’s Livery Stable on the West side of Caddo Street, North of Main, and swept through the business section. Everything from the railroad tracks to Court Street (now B Street) lay in smoking ruins, with the exception of the Post Office, which miraculously escaped the fire as the winds pushed the flames West and South. 

On September 27, 1915, Ardmore suffered the second major disaster. An earth-shaking explosion of a tank car loaded with casing-head gas exploded near the depot. More than half the business section lay in ruins, 42 persons lost their lives and hundreds were injured.

By 1919, most of the town had been rebuilt, and First National Bank, which had again escaped destruction in the explosion, moved into its new home on the Northeast corner of Main and A St. NW. The new building was one of the most striking architectural structures the residents had ever seen. Inside, the beauty of gold leaf murals and the stained glass skylight topping the 35-foot ceiling brought sightseers from near and far. 

In March 1975, the bank moved into our present location and has continued to grow with the city. 

Bank of Love County opened for business on October 23, 1983 in Marietta, OK, with J. Pierce Monkres as President and Chairman of the Board. First National Bank & Trust Company of Ardmore acquired the Bank of Love County in June of 1996, changing its name to First National Bank and Trust Co., Marietta Branch in August of 1998. 

First National Bank and Trust Company merged with First Community Bank and Trust Company of Lone Grove, OK on September 27, 1996. Jim Patton was Chairman and President of First Community Bank since its inception September 20, 1978. In July 1991, FCB acquired the deposits and physical assets of the Ardmore Branch of First Federal Savings Association located at 1226 West Broadway. This branch became The First National Bank and Trust Company Broadway Branch at the time of the merger. FCB later changed its name to The First National Bank and Trust Company Lone Grove Branch in August of 1998. 

First National Bank in Ringling was established in 1913. Mr. H.C. Swinney was owner and President. In 1971, Mr. Swinney sold the bank to Elmer Graham of Walters, OK. In March of 1971, First National Bank of Ringling changed from a National charter to a state charter and became Ringling State Bank. First National Bank and Trust Company of Ardmore acquired Ringling State Bank on October 1, 1997 and it became First National Bank & Trust Company Ringling Branch. 

Continuing its expansion efforts, First National Bank built a branch at 1402 12th Street to reach Northwest area of Ardmore. The 12th Street Branch opened for business on December 7, 1997.
In September 2014, the lobby at the 12th Street Branch closed due to reduced lobby activity.

First National Bank continued in January, 1998, to expand its services by establishing the Airpark Branch in the Springer and Gene Autry area. In July of 2010, traffic at the Airpark Branch significantly reduced and Bank management made the determination to operate the facility as an unmanned branch and close the ATM. 

To accommodate our growing Murray County customers, First National Bank & Trust Company of Sulphur was built at 2013 W Broadway in Sulphur, Oklahoma in January of 2003 and continues to offer financial services to the Murray County residents. And in the same tradition, First National Bank acquired Citizens Bank of Velma in July of 2008.  


In January 2015, the 1NB Financial Center was opened in Norman. This location was opened as a loan production office only.  In July 2016, 1NB Financial Center began operating as a branch to accommodate customers.  On November 1, 2019, this location began operating as a full service branch.


On March 8, 2019, First National Bank & Trust of Madill began operating from a temporary mobile office while construction began on the new building.


We take great pride in being community leaders; not only as a financial institution, but also in the work our employees perform through many activities as volunteers in churches, schools, civic organizations, and local government.  We care about our communities, which include the Ardmore, Lone Grove, Madill, Marietta, Norman, Ringling, Sulphur and Velma areas.  We try to make a difference.


Sincerely committed to affirmative action, First National Bank and Trust Company has prepared this Affirmative Action Plan to cover all employees working in Ardmore, Ringling, Lone Grove, Madill, Marietta, Norman, Sulphur and Velma.